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Business Loans

We believe in helping you grow through providing you with smart business loan structures that allow your business to succeed.
Cash for growth - Cash for debt consolidation- Cash for purchase

We have access to a variety of business loans that will suit your business expansion or investment needs

Variable rate:

• Make extra payments, which could reduce interest paid over the life of the loan
• Option to swap between interest only or principal and interest repayments
• Redraw allows you to¬†make extra payments and access these funds later.
Fixed rate:
• Provides certainty in knowing what you're up for with each repayment
• Protects you from potential future interest rate movements.
Make tax time less taxing
• Keep track of your Business Loan balance and financials online (and at tax time, export details of interest paid to your accounting software).
Terms and loan security
• The term of your Business Loan will vary depending on security offered (you can always swap if your situation changes):
• Loan term up to 25 years when residential property used as security
• Loan term up to 15 years when commercial or rural property used as security.

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